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Pages vs Articles

In TutorPro GOLD, we have made it such that you can create blog articles and site pages, so what’s the difference?

Site Pages are general pages about your site such as about us, terms of use, privacy policy etc. These are displayed as single pages on the site when a link is clicked. Pages are displayed in the footer menu and/or the main menu (you choose where they should appear when you create them). Also, one and only one page should be marked as featured on front page, which will appear as an intro to your site on the left blog of the front page (the About Us blurb on the demo site).

Articles on the other hand are individual posts that make up your blog. A list of all published Articles is displayed when you click on the Blog menu item, and then visitors can click on individual article links to see details. You will probably end up having more articles than pages. It is a great idea to mark some of your articles as featured, as these will be features on the home page in a list, which users can then click and go to see details. Typical help info can be written as articles such as help to authors on how to create courses or to students on how to enroll to courses.

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