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Mail Settings

TutorPRO GOLD sends out email notifications to users when various events occur, such as when an author’s course is approved or a student’s question is answered. So you MUST configure your email settings to enable outgoing emails. This is done in the .env file. The following variables have to be set:


The mail driver can be smtp, mailgun, mandrill, or whatever mail service you want to use. If you are using smtp (which is the most common type), then you will need the credentials of your smtp server in the above configuration variables. If you are using mailgun, then you will set the mail driver to mailgun and additionally set the values of the following variables to the corresponding credentials obtained from your mailgun account:


Please note that it is good to test your mail settings and make sure they work before you deploy your application live. One tool that can be used to test your smtp settings is smtper.net.

If Your Mail settings are wrong, the application will throw an error when it tries to send email notifications.

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