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PayPal Payment Settings

PayPal is one of the payment options that users can choose from when purchasing a course. As the site administrator, you MUST configure the PayPal settings with the appropriate api credentials. These credentials are saved in the .env file locate in the application’s root directory. However you do not have to open the application folder. You can edit the .env file directly from the admin panel under the Environment Variables section on the sidebar menu.

In this file, there are three keys that you need to update for PayPal to work:


The PAYPAL_CLIENT_ID and PAYPAL_SECRET keys can be obtained from the PayPal developer website.

Please see the details here on how to create an App in the PayPal Developer site and how to obtain your secret keys and client ID.

Once you have obtained these keys, insert them in your .env file.

When you are still testing your site, you can use your SANDBOX keys. In this case, set the PAYPAL_MODE to sandbox. But when you are ready to go live and start collecting real payments, make sure you change the PayPal keys to the live credentials and update your PAYPAL_MODE variable to live.

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