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Approving Courses

Under List Courses submenu, the admin can manage course listings. When a course is created by an author, it is saved as a Draft. Once the Author submits the course for admin approval, it is saved under the status Awaiting admin approval. At this point, the admin can click on the Review button to review a course that has been published by the author. In the review section, the admin can see the history of the course review process, as well as add a new review (approval).

In TutorPro GOLD, a course MUST have at least one video lesson set to FREE PREVIEW. If an author submitted a course that does not meet this condition, the admin will not be able to approve it and the course will not be available to site visitors. The admin will see a warning note specifying that. In this case, the admin can write notes to instruct the author to mark at least one video lesson for Free Preview.

Authors are notified by email and through their notification dashboards when an admin submits a new course review. If a course is not approved, then it is reset to the Draft status and the author must re-submit it after making corrections recommended by admin. This is also where the admin can review the cover image and decide whether or not the author needs to change it. Also the course can be previewed in the frontend for content appropriateness.

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