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Promo Coupons

Using the Discount Coupons menu, the admin is able to create and manage site-wide promo codes for courses. As admin, you can run a campaign where all courses are sold at a discount by activating one PROMO CODE at a time. Simply click on Create New, pick an end date for the promotion, the promo code, percent discount and the quantity (number) of coupons available. All these fields are mandatory.

Note that only one ste-wide coupon code can be active at a time. The coupon code is not active by default when created. The admin has to click on the ‘Activate’ button to activate it. Once activated, this coupon code is displayed on the homepage with a timer countdown for when it will expire. Users will be able to use this promo code for purchasing any course on the entire website.

PROMO CODES MUST BE UNIQUE ACROSS THE SITE so if an instructor has already created a coupon with this code, the admin will not be able to recreate it. So it is advisable that you find a unique convention of naming coupon codes.

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