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Affiliate Commission

TutorPro Gold now includes an affiliate program, where any user can advertise and sell courses to earn an affiliate commission. The Admin decides what percentage of sale goes to the affiliate, and this percentage is set in the backend under the Affiliate Settings section. Please set the following parameters:

  1. Affiliate percentage: This is the percentage of sale that will go to the affiliate, and should be a maximum of 100. If you set a percentage of 50 for instance, then any sale made from an affiliate’s referral link, the affiliate will take 50% of the sale value, while the remaining 50% will be distributed between the Author and the platform in the proportions defined in the Sales and Commission section. So the affiliate is paid first before the Author and Platform get their cut.
  2. Affiliate Cookie Lifetime: The script uses cookies to identify affiliate links, and the admin needs to decide how long a cookie should last. The value is specified in minutes, so if you want the referral link cookie to last for 1 week, then convert that time into minutes and enter the value here. What does this mean?This means that when a potential customer clicks on an affiliate link and goes to a course, the script will grab and keep track of the person who made the referral, and if the customer ends up buying one or more courses on the site, the referrer earns a commission for each sale. So they do not only earn a commission for the course they shared but for any course that the customer ends up buying. The Cookie Lifetime is simply the amount of time when you want the referrer’s information to be stored, so if it is set to 1 week for instance and the customer buys any course within one week of clicking the link, then the referrer still earns a commission. But after one week, the link will expire and no commission will go to the referrer.
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