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Site Information

The Site Settings menu provides an the admin a way to configure general site information. The first section in this menu is the Site Settings page. Under this you have various configuration parameters:

  1. Send Email Notification to Users = Choose whether or not you want the application to send email notifications to users eg when an author’s course is published or when a question is answered or when comment is made to a question. recommended setting = checked
  2. Allow Video Uploads = Check if you want to allow authors to upload videos for their courses.
  3. Allow Authors to embed YouTube Videos = Check if you want authors to be able to use YouTube videos in their lessons.
  4. Allow Authors to embed Vimeo Videos = Check if you want authors to be able to use Vimeo videos in their lessons.
  5. Allow Authors to embed Amazon s3 Videos = Check if you want authors to be able to use videos stored in their own Amazon s3 buckets.
  6. Site description = A description of your site. For SEO purposes, this is included in the description meta tag of your site.
  7. Theme Color = You can choose which color you want your front end theme to be. There are currently 5 color schemes red, green, blue, olive-green and grey.
  8. Video Upload Location = Choose where you want uploaded videos to be saved – either Amazon s3 or on your Local Server. Note that if you choose Amazon s3, you MUST configure your AWS Settings in the .env file described previously.
  9. Google analytics code = Enter the User ID of your Google Analytics code for this application. Note that you are not entering the entire Analytics code. Only the UA-XXXXX-X code. If you leave this field blank, google analytics will be disabled throughout the site.
  10. Site Currency Code = Enter the ISO Code of the currency you want to use for the site. Please make sure that this code is compliant with Stripe and PayPal. You can have a look at the codes support by PayPal here and those supported by Stripe here. The code you enter MUST be the same for Stripe and PayPal.
  11. Site Currency Symbol = Enter the symbol of the currency.
  12. Position of currency symbol = If you want the currency symbol to appear in front of the amount, select front otherwise select back.
  13. Course Price List = Enter a comma-separated list of prices you want your authors to choose from then they specify a course price. This is to give the admin control over the prices for courses. Do not enter 0 because this is automatically inserted if an author decides to offer a course for free.
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