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Creating a course

Creating a course

TutorPro GOLD makes it really easy for authors to create courses. If a user has the Author role, then they will see an Instructor Dashboard menu item in the main menu. This opens a dashboard listing all the courses currently taught by the instructor. It also shows a Create new button which takes the author to a page to create a new course.

If the user has not yet been assigned the role of author (which means they do not have any course yet), they will see a menu item on the main menu showing Start Teaching. This will take them to a page where they can create their first course and once that course is created, the user is automatically assigned the role of Author.

Adding course content

In the course dashboard, the author has the opportunity to add content to the course. A course is made up of Sections > Lessons > Content, so the author has a sequence to follow when adding content to a course: First, create a section and then add lessons in the section. In fact, when the course is initially created, a placeholder Section and Lesson are also created automatically to provide the author with a starter boilerplate. The author can add more sections and lessons as required.

The application provides an easy way to reorder sections and lessons using a drag-and-drop mechanism, and lessons can be moved between sections through the same drag-and-drop.

Authors must set at least one video lesson as FREE PREVIEW so that potential students will see how they teach before buying a course. If a course is submitted for admin approval and there is no free preview video lesson, the application will not allow the admin to approve the course.

Content Types

A lesson can have text or video lessons and the author has to choose this when they initially create the lesson. If they choose Text Lesson, they are presented with a WYSIWYG editor where they can enter the text content for the lesson. If the author selects to add a Video Lesson, they may be presented with various options, depending on what the admin setup in the backend. They may be allowed to upload a video or embed a video from a third-party services like YouTube, Vimeo and Amazon S3.

Attaching course resources

TutorPro GOLD also allows authors to attach downloadable materials to lessons. Each lesson can have one lesson uploaded, so if an author has many files to upload for the lesson, it is preferable to create a single .zip file and upload to the lesson.

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