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System Requirements

TutorPro GOLD is built with Laravel and VueJS, so any requirements for running Laravel will apply here. You can have a look at the Laravel documentation for specific requirements (Laravel 5.4). But the following basic requirements should be met:

  1. PHP Version: Laravel 5.4 requires PHP version >= 5.6.4. Although this script will run on this version, we highly recommend using version 7.x.
  2. PHP Extensions: The following PHP extensions should be enabled: openssl, pdo, mbstring, tokenizer, JSON, cURL, FileInfo, xml, mcrypt. During script installation, we have provided a step where you can check for these requirements.
  3. Apache modules: The module mod_rewrite should be enabled on your apache server.
  4. Folder Permissions: There are some folders that need to be writable for this application to work. You should ensure that the following folders have at least 775 permissions: storage/framework, storage/logs, bootstrap/cache, storage/uploads. Again we help you check for these permissions during installation. TIP: You can use the command sudo chmod 775 my/folder/path/ to set the folder permissions on Linux.
  5. Check your PHP.ini File: Because your users will be uploading files through the application (and potentially large ones), you should make sure that your system can accept large file post and upload processes. Update the following values in your php.ini configuration by increasing the sizes:
upload_max_filesize=500M or whatever value you wish;
post_max_size=500M or whatever value you wish;

You may also want to increase values for max_input_time and max_execution_time

Other Requirements

  1. Mail Server: The application notifies users via email when certain events occur. You should make sure you have a mail service in hand, such as SMTP, mailgun, etc.
  2. PayPal and Stripe accounts: The application processes payments using PayPal and Stripe as their payment gateways (more gateways may be coming soon). Ensure that you set up accounts (Free) for these services and generate api keys, which you will need to configure your payment settings.
  3. Amazon storage: It is optional to store uploaded videos on Amazon S3 cloud service, but if you choose to do so, you MUST obtain the necessary AWS credentials for it to work in this application. Please refer to the Admin settings sections for details on how to apply these.
  4. NOCAPTCHA: The application uses Google’s free NOCAPTCHA service to prevent Spam in registration and contact forms. You can choose not to use any SPAM filter, but if you decide to use it, you MUST provide the necessary API keys.
  5. Social Login API Keys: If you choose to allow your users to login with their Social accounts, you MUST obtain the api keys for the respective social accounts. The system ships with login using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, BitBucket and Google, but you are not obliged to use them all. Only enter the credentials for those you like to use.
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